Modular operation theatre manufacturers in India

Modular operation theatre manufacturers in India

A Modular Operation Theatres is….. An operation theatre where the latest modern technology instruments are used to give best possible medical care to the patients. The major aim of the theatre unit is to achieve safety and efficiency of the entire team working in it, primarily the patients. The interior environment is designed using current software automation keeping in mind the standard norms. We at map filters follow all the NABH guidelines, strictly necessary, to manufacture best quality Modular Operation Theatres units.

There are certain salient features which are attached to the unit :

  • It regulates the air flow inside the room with the help of some specific types of air conditioning and air handling units.
  • The operation theatre is painted with anti-bacterial paint due to which the durability can last long, say up to 12-15 years.
  • The uniform and consistent construction provides security against growth of mould and other bacteria for many a years.
  • These rooms are moisture resistant from inside.
  • The making of such units is a standardized process and only skilled experienced team is used for establishing such infrastructure.
  • The system consists of assimilating only quality components and hence the quality control part is automatically taken care of and it becomes quite easy.

The setup of such type of units is highly sterilized containing a couple of safety measures. The walls and the ceilings are made up of pre designed panels and the floors inside are made chemical resistant making it very hygienic and completely bacteria free. At map filters, we do make it a point that each and every component of the theatre room is made from best quality materials so that the durability is retained. Our team of quality engineers are well aware to look after all the aspects that will make the room highly disinfected and germ free. Some benefits associated with this are as :

  • The flawless and continuous design of the OT makes it difficult to understand as to where the theatre starts and where it ends.
  • The latest and up to date instruments placed inside the OT helps them to diagnose easily and fast which in turn will be helpful during actual operation.
  • Maximum cleanliness and sterility of the OT gets ensured due to the hygienic atmosphere maintained inside the OT.
  • The temperature and humidity inside the OT which is controlled by independent and heavy duty air conditioners proves to be economical as some amount of energy gets saved due to this mechanism.
  • As the complete set up of a modular OT gets accommodated in a single room ,the medical staff and the doctors present can handle any emergencies quickly thereby reducing the health risk of the patients.
  • Multiple procedures can be performed on various patients without any wastage of time. Due to this a couple of patients can receive treatment at the same time. This increases the efficiency of the patients reducing their health risks.
These days with changing times and changing atmosphere, people have made a remarkable change in their mindsets when it comes to medical and healthcare facilities. People, not only recover faster from the adverse health conditions, but, are able to survive and breathe easy in most of the critical situations. The modular OT, these days is the most technologically advanced unit which provides a stable workstation through the use of modern equipment. Advanced techniques like fluoroscopy and robotic x-rays are able detect the health issues very fast and that way the treatment can be decided and acted upon quickly.

At map filters we not only manufacture best quality modular OT but also, provide reliable and fast maintenance services. We have established ourselves as a provider of high quality OT only because of our dedicated expert team, who are always ready to face any situation when it comes to installation of new OT or any servicing required by an existing modular unit.