Modular Clean Room (Epoxy Coving and Flooring)

Modular Clean Room (Epoxy Coving and Flooring)

A cleanroom is an environment free from dust, microbes and other pollutants.

A modular cleanroom is pre-fabricated where all the integral parts of the room are custom made and they get assembled to create a modular cleanroom.

Coving is an epoxy mortar installed to the wall and the floor junction; and that is ideally incorporated in the floor system.

Coving process : Once installed, the coving is coated with a coating system. The following are the application areas of coving: Food & beverage industry, pharmaceutical, Cold storage areas and so on. When installing good commercial / industrial floors , proper attention must be given to ensure that the floor keeps on functioning in a good manner for a prolonged period of time. Coving process can be said to be something more than giving a finishing touch to the floors. The important function served by coving is they prevent dirt and other aerosol products from building up along the edges of the floor and in corners. Without coving process, the said areas are difficult to clean and can lead to hygienic problems. Coves can prevent water buildup within the walls and in the seams between the floor and the wall. Coving process gives floor a finished quality that helps to improve the quality of the floor. Generally, coving is required in those industries where health and hygiene procedures are heavily regulated, some of the industries include pharmaceutical industries, food processing industries, industries with wet operations. The actual cost of coving is minimum and when compared with the benefits in the form of safety, cleaning efficiency, the investment is well worth the expense. The ROI factor gets maximized from the complete system.

Flooring process :A simple explanation of epoxy flooring is a surface that consists of multiple layers of epoxy applied on the floor. Epoxy flooring or resinous flooring is highly durable, sustainable and decorative for any surface. This is because of the resistance to high levels of wear and tear which makes it more long lasting flooring option. One important feature displayed is it remains definite and outstanding from regular floor paints. Resinous flooring contains two parts, a combination of polymer resins and hardeners creates a thick chemical situation which can be compared to a plastic solution which shows durability, resistance to degradation and the bonding depicted is strong.

Some misconceptions about epoxy which have to be avoided can be listed as below :

  • The activity of epoxy flooring cannot be done by anyone. You need to have proper experience in the concerned field so only professional workers who do these type of jobs should be hired to do such tasks.
  • There is a difference between a normal paint and epoxy solution. Though on the face of it, both may look similar, there is a wide difference between them. Epoxy is a chemical solution in itself which is a result of polymer resins and hardeners. With the use of epoxy you can withstand flooring issues like wear and tear for a long period of time.
  • It is not at all an expensive solution to use epoxy. It is much cost effective and long lasting. Investing in the use of epoxy will give you good returns and safety in the long run.
  • It provides a versatile and flexible option which provides loner durability .The desired results from the use of epoxy can be obtained only if the activity is handed over to experienced and professional skilled workers.