We are leading Horizontal Laminar air flow manufacturer in Mumbai

Horizontal Laminar air flow manufacturer in Mumbai

What is a Laminar flow unit?

Horizontal Laminar air flow manufacturer in MumbaiA laminar flow unit is used for preventing entry of air borne pollutants in a particular area. A continuous air flow is created by the unit across the surface to prevent and control particle contamination. In a laminar flow, the air is forced to move in the same direction and same speed with minimum cross-over of the air-flow. The laminar flow predictably sweeps dust particles from contamination sensitive environments, in uniform direction to the exit area. These units provide filtered and clean working areas through HEPA filtering system.

What is a horizontal laminar unit and features:?

In a horizontal laminar unit, the air enters the system from behind the HEPA filter and germ free air is forced from back to front direction through the surface. This type requires additional depth to hold the mount filter with some clearance to allow air into the system. Airflow work stations are used for work with low risk substances & material. A horizontal flow unit requires more space as compared to a vertical unit. Both horizontal and vertical flow units provide effective sweeping near the filter.

A horizontal unit is preferable, if you want to avoid picking up parts off the floor with respect to material involving liquids or small parts. One of the main point to be taken into consideration is about the effects on operators of the machine, the air travelling from the rear and exiting from the front side may not come across large obstructions, but, eventually it does encounter the person performing the work, for example, any unwanted substance such as fine powder or soldering remains may get puffed on the operator. It may happen that the action may not happen at the actual working space, yet it may pose a health hazard. There are certain salient features of this product which can be summed as under:

  • The unit is fabricated with highly graded material like SS304, SS316 and the structure is powder coated.
  • The side and the front panel is made up of polycarbonate material or glass.
  • The HEPA filters H-14, provide 99 % efficiency.
  • The working platform is made up of stainless steel which is corrosion resistant.
  • It operates with ultraviolet fluorescent light.

At Map Filters, we are pledged to offer one of the best quality horizontal flow unit to our customers. Our skilled and professional engineers and technicians make it a point that only quality products are delivered from our end. Our units are manufactured strictly under the industry standards and norms. We have emerged as one of the high quality suppliers of horizontal units. We follow ethical business practices and with the help of a team of dedicated and determined professionals working with us, we have a good number of customers who are satisfied with our products and services. A number of advantages and dis-advantages of horizontal units can be listed as under:

  • The turbulent effect of air striking work surface gets reduced.
  • The instrument is simple to understand and easy to operate exception the air gets directly blown on the operator.
  • Hands and gloves remain less contaminating.
  • Disadvantages
  • The servicing part or the change of filters of this unit requires repositioning of the equipment.
  • The samples larger in size block the laminar air flow and may contaminate downstream samples.
  • The fine powder and fumes get blown on the face of the operator.