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Air Shower Supplier in Mumbai

Air Shower Supplier in Mumbai The function of Air Shower is to maintain a dust free environment and protect the clean room from contamination. It is installed at the entrance to reduce pollutants as the workers enter or exit the actual working area. Air Shower are meant to remove the surface impurities from clean room garments. We are one of the best Manufacture in Vasai, Maharashtra, Mumbai, India

Briefly, the functioning of an Air Shower can be explained as; there are 2 doors to the shower system, both cannot be opened at the same time. A worker will enter the room and the doors get locked, then HEPA filtered air flows onto the person, this exercise removes the small particulate matters from the clothes of the person, then the second door opens progressing the person to the clean room.

This can prove to enhance the production capacity of the workers. It is designed to supply class 100 HEPA filtered air at a high velocity. A Clean Room Air Shower functions with high velocity and low pressure. The clean room is classified on the basis of number of micron size particles per cubic meter. Clean Room Air Shower are essential for the following industries: pharmaceutical, electronic, chemical and semi- conductor industries.

Construction MS Powder Coated / SS 304 / SS 316 or combination of both
Filtration 1st Stage Fine Filter with efficiency of 95% down to 5 micron
2nd Stage HEPA Filter with efficiency of 99.999% down to 0.3 mic
Door & Door Interlocking MS Powder Coated or 55 304 make sandwiched doors with toughened glass view panel.
Electromagnetic Interlocking system ensure that both doors cannot be opened at same time.
Nozzle SS 304 /Aluminum Anodized.
Electrical Accessories LED Lights, 5 / 15 Amp switch socket, ON / OFF Switch
Air Quality ISO Class 5 (ISO 14644-1: 1999)
Velocity 0.45+/- 0.05 mps
Air Flow Direction Vertical / Horizontal
Noise Less than 67dB
Pharmaceutical Industry
Chemical Research Laboratory
Electronic Industry
Semi-Conductor Production
Food Processing Industry