We are leading Modular Cleanroom Contractor in Mumbai / Ducting

Modular Cleanroom Contractor in Mumbai / Ducting

Modular Cleanroom Contractor in MumbaiCleanroom HVAC system provides heating, ventilation and air-conditioning services in a controlled environment. It is the system which controls the temperature and humidity inside the area. The HVAC system for cooling and heating largely depends upon the exterior climate and the internal specific conditions. The HVAC system is the most effective means to cool the modular cleanroom. The filters inside the system work in a manner which draw air from surrounding room and pass the cool air in to the cleanroom without any need for special exhaust systems. The size of the cleanroom, temperature required inside and the heat dissipated all these things determine the size and type of HVAC system required. If the cleanroom is large in size, the outside air drawn and forced into the air-conditioning modules will raise the load on the units and will also increase the temperature.

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Process of Ducting : Ducts and vents are manufactured and positioned in a manner that the air passing through the same is directed in a prescribed direction. When a particular duct gets blocked the passing air becomes humid and the temperature increases. In such a situation carbon gets build up across which in turn generates a risky situation. Ducting connects the HVAC system and the variable air return units to the fans and filter units and this way the temperature is controlled and the airflow is balanced. Ducting is more effective for smaller rooms to recirculate the air flow. Ducting is generally spaced above the ceiling or behind the walls which ideally depends upon the design of the complete facility. Ducting is less expensive and more safe for the setup as the main purpose of duct is to exhaust air outside the environment. One most important point in case of ducting process as a whole is as far as possible the ducts should be kept straight, the more bends to a duct the more the issue of build up of static pressure.