Cleanroom Furniture & Other Fabrication

Many Type Powder Sampler

Powder Sampler (Solid Rod Type)

Powder Sampler (Rotary Type)

Powder Sampler (Hollow Pipe)

Many Type Liquid Sampler

Normal Liquid Sampler

Bottom Liquid Sampler With Spring Liver Type

Multi Level Liquid Sampler Liquid Sampler Having 3 Cups (Top ; Middle ; Bottom.)

Vacuum Liquid Sampler

Many Type Ms Trolley

Ms Drum Trolley

Platform Trolley

Box Type Platform Trolley

Mopping Trolley With Squeezer

Many Type Scoops

Open Type Scoop

Close Type Scoop Bottom Handle

Close Type Scoop Sell Handle

Other Products Of B. J. Products

Bucket (Straight Type)

Bucket (Tapper Type)

Spatula (Teflon Scraper)

Sop Stand

Bowl Type Spoon

Spoon With Spatula

Spatula (Scraper)

Folding Table

Canteen Table With Attach Stool

Revolving Stool With Height Adjustable

Revolving Chair With Height Adjustable

Bottle (Jar) With Teflon Bush

Threading Type Lid

T.C. Clamp Type

Liquid Storage Vessel