Air Shower

Air Shower is designed to supply Class 100 HEPA filtered air at high velocity it helps remove particulate matter from the personnel entering into the clean room. Air Shower works as partial clean equipment installed at the partition between the clean room and non-clean rooms to shower the personnel or matter before entering the clean area. These units helps to remove dust effectively and maintains the normal working status.

ConstructionMS Powder Coated/SS 304/SS 316 or combination of both
Filtration1st Stage Fine Filter with efficiency of 95% down to 5 micron
2nd Stage HEPA Filter with efficiency of 99.999% down to 0.3 micron
Motor BlowerDynamically balanced with suitable ratings & suspension arrangement
Door & Door InterlockingMS Powder Coated or 55 304 make sandwiched doors with  toughened glass view panel. Electromagnetic Interlocking system ensure that both doors cannot be opened at same time.
NozzleSS 304 /Aluminum Anodized.
Electrical AccessoriesLED Lights, 5/15 Amp switch socket, ON/OFF Switch
Air QualityISO Class 5 (ISO 14644-1: 1999)
Velocity0.45+/- 0.05 mps
Air Flow DirectionVertical/ Horizontal
NoiseLess than 67dB